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How it Works

The TotalHIRE ATS system, represents a ground-breaking integrated solution for finding, managing and processing your new applicants. We do this by helping you to attract and hire the right employee the first time, saving you time and money.

collect all your applicants in one place

It allows you to collect all your applicants in one place, migrating them through your custom process and pre-employment assessment. It then generates applicant reports on an applicant's suitability for a job, allowing you to filter and prioritize your search for the perfect candidate for your organization.

 The TotalHIRE system increases the productivity

The TotalHIRE system increases the productivity of your on-site hiring process by reducing the time it takes to hire. We do all the work of providing proper cognitive testing, recommending the best suited applicants for interview in order to improve the quality of your interviewees, reduce employee turnover and decrease training costs.

Applicant Applies to one or more Jobs

Applicants enter their personal details and attach their resume. They then complete the desired job-specific screening questionnaires and our five minute psychometric assessment. This enters them into the TotalHIRE system.

Total Hire Tracking and Processing of Applicants

The TotalHIRE system tracks and processes potential applicants using our scientific psychometric algorithm, which establishes a connection between the applicants' results and the pre-established job benchmarks.

Find the Right Applicants Quickly

Integrated Job Fit Results are provided behind a password protected administrative backend. View results from employee assessments, compared to established job benchmarks to determine personality fit. A key indicator of their potential for success within your organization.

Find and interview your best fit applicant quickly

TotalHIRE provides integrated interview questions, and uniquely developed for each individual applicant.

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Turnover rates are at an all-time high, costing employers a fortune in opportunity, overtime and training costs for every new applicant.

The solution: TotalHIRE. TotalHIRE is a cross-platform and mobile friendly way to screen prospective applicants in minutes, fitting the right applicants to specific positions within your organization.

TotalHIRE reduces the time and energy spent during the recruitment process by comparing applicants to your job expectations and recommending those that fit your definition for success in your organization.

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