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One tool, a whole world of opportunity.

Total Hire's job board is the total package. Our revolutionary approach to staffing solutions ensures the right person gets the right job, right away. We've utilized the most specialized and cutting-edge technology on the market to create a complete job board platform that any business or institution can use to streamline and simplify the hiring process. In fact, Total Hire is already used by multinational corporations and colleges across North America, who praise this interface's exceptional flexibility, power and prowess.

Customization is the cornerstone of Total Hire's continued success. Boasting both internal career portals designed to feature jobs within the organization, and outbound job boards where organizations like post-secondary intuitions, employee recruitment centres and municipalities (to name a few) can host job postings from other employers that may interest their students, the scope of Total Hire is practically limitless.

Our powerful platform can be seamlessly integrated into all third party systems and has been built with theme support for a custom look and feel, making our solution as unique and versatile as your needs – and the needs of job seekers.

Management Made Easy

Our simple administrative backend offers a full-featured management system and multiple user support with options for multi-employee access across multiple locations, which supplies users with preloaded industry specific job templates to remove the guesswork and allow you to post meaningful, accurate job descriptions each and every time you post.

Total Hire’s easy-use principles also include automatic PDF generation for cover letters and resumes, an event module to create, post and manage career building, job fair and workshop events as well as full support for online and/or offline applications.

If you use it, they will come…

What good is a job board if it’s so complicated and cluttered that no one uses it? Total Hire’s user-friendly interface extends to job seekers, who can utilize this bold platform to find their ideal job quickly and easily. The Total Hire Job Board career portal provides job seekers with the ability to search and filter through lists of the most accurate job positions in their field of interest, and even find relevant events and job fairs. They can even use DropBox integration for simplified resume upload and take advantage of our online portal, which allows candidates to share their application across multiple social platforms, effectively extending the scope of their reach to potential employers across all means of online communication.

It’s win-win, and it’s within your reach. Total Hire is the one resource that can effectively stop you from exhausting all of yours. Get started now.

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Internal Career Portal

Goodbye stacks of paper, backlogged inboxes, endless spreadsheets and disorder - the hiring process has just got a lot easier and neater. We've permanently filed the messy work by expertly designing the most refined, bold and adaptable applicant management and tracking system available. You take care of everything you want to, and don't have to worry about anything you don't. Your administrators can manage job postings with ease, using our extensive and user-friendly options that allow you to tailor and refine your search to uncover the best person for the job.

Job posting management features include:

  • Preloaded Job Templates powered by O*Net
  • Customizable data fields to support custom posting data
  • Automatic PDF generation and automatic QR Code generation
  • Automatic posting and expiring of postings
  • Support for online and/or offline applications
  • Optional mandatory screening questions
  • Customizable notifications system
  • Automatic notifications triggered upon multiple system actions
  • Customizable e-mails
  • Automatic opening/expiring of registration
  • Configurable registration limits
  • Exportable list of registered applicants per event
  • Security (Data stored in secure facility located in Canada)
  • SSL support
  • Hosting and SaaS (System as a Service) with 99.9% 

It’s the total package

Not only is Total Hire a performance powerhouse, but it also looks incredible, featuring specially branded theme support to customize the look and feel you want, and responsive design so that your applicants are always experiencing an attractive, adaptive platform.

Never miss an opportunity…

Total Hire nurtures the symbiotic relationship of the hiring process, understanding that companies need employees, and employees need companies. The tricky part is finding the right people for the right job, and vice versa. It's an art-form, and we've mastered it.

Here’s how:

  • We've integrated RSS feeds of Total Hire data within the site, so prospective employees can always see the latest job postings and events.
  • Our one-of-a-kind applicant assessment generates a unique job fit score tied to existing benchmarking for easy applicant sorting and our smart applicant summary shows how each individual applicant fits with the position applied for.
  • Interview questions are suggested based on individual scores that are unique to each applicant and you can customize screening questions.
  • We offer multiple language/location support and can separate job postings by language and location.
  • Total Hire cross-matches job pairings for other related jobs in the system, so applicants can see every opportunity at every turn.
  • It’s a highly refined process, but we’ve made it simple. The best future for your company tomorrow begins with quality selection today – and that begins with Total Hire.

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External Job Board

Make it easy for candidates to find their future by curating a job board that features the best jobs and events across multiple industries. Your job board administrators can rest easy knowing that they have the control to manage external job postings, and job seekers will love that they have clean and quick access to the latest and most ideal jobs in their respective fields.

Smart technology at its most intelligent...

The success of Total Hire rests on its exceptional ability to communicate. It not only listens to what you want, but talks to and for both you and your job seekers so it’s always showcasing the right information and opportunities to the right people. 

External Job Board features include:

  • Multiple language/location support, including the ability to separate job postings by language/ location
  • Intelligent posting approval system
  • Customizable employer registration fields/requirements
  • Back and forth communication from admin to employer (e.g. email notification, in-system alerts, etc)
  • Multiple employer support with support for multiple users, including a full-featured CMS for site management
  • RSS Feeds of Total Hire data are integrated within the site
  • Full admin with top-level control of all accounts, profiles, jobs, etc
  • Custom employer profile for posting, managing jobs and applicants
  • Approval-based screening from job board management for new and updated postings
  • Custom fields that can be excluded from re-approval
  • Updated fields are highlighted to ensure changes are being monitored


Total Hire clearly translates data into opportunity – and make no mistake, this is yours. Save yourself time and precious resources and use Total Hire as your complete hiring solution.

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