External Job Board

Make it easy for candidates to find their future by curating a job board that features the best jobs and events across multiple industries. Your job board administrators can rest easy knowing that they have the control to manage external job postings, and job seekers will love that they have clean and quick access to the latest and most ideal jobs in their respective fields.

Smart technology at its most intelligent...

The success of Total Hire rests on its exceptional ability to communicate. It not only listens to what you want, but talks to and for both you and your job seekers so it’s always showcasing the right information and opportunities to the right people. 

External Job Board features include:

  • Multiple language/location support, including the ability to separate job postings by language/ location
  • Intelligent posting approval system
  • Customizable employer registration fields/requirements
  • Back and forth communication from admin to employer (e.g. email notification, in-system alerts, etc)
  • Multiple employer support with support for multiple users, including a full-featured CMS for site management
  • RSS Feeds of Total Hire data are integrated within the site
  • Full admin with top-level control of all accounts, profiles, jobs, etc
  • Custom employer profile for posting, managing jobs and applicants
  • Approval-based screening from job board management for new and updated postings
  • Custom fields that can be excluded from re-approval
  • Updated fields are highlighted to ensure changes are being monitored


Total Hire clearly translates data into opportunity – and make no mistake, this is yours. Save yourself time and precious resources and use Total Hire as your complete hiring solution.