Management Made Easy

Our simple administrative backend offers a full-featured management system and multiple user support with options for multi-employee access across multiple locations, which supplies users with preloaded industry specific job templates to remove the guesswork and allow you to post meaningful, accurate job descriptions each and every time you post.

Total Hire’s easy-use principles also include automatic PDF generation for cover letters and resumes, an event module to create, post and manage career building, job fair and workshop events as well as full support for online and/or offline applications.

If you use it, they will come…

What good is a job board if it’s so complicated and cluttered that no one uses it? Total Hire’s user-friendly interface extends to job seekers, who can utilize this bold platform to find their ideal job quickly and easily. The Total Hire Job Board career portal provides job seekers with the ability to search and filter through lists of the most accurate job positions in their field of interest, and even find relevant events and job fairs. They can even use DropBox integration for simplified resume upload and take advantage of our online portal, which allows candidates to share their application across multiple social platforms, effectively extending the scope of their reach to potential employers across all means of online communication.

It’s win-win, and it’s within your reach. Total Hire is the one resource that can effectively stop you from exhausting all of yours. Get started now.