How It Works

The Total Hire Applicant Tracking System allows your business to collect all job applicants in the same place, stream them through the various job requirements and pre-employment tests, and report on their job suitability to find the perfect candidate for your organization. The Total Hire System increases productivity of your on-site hiring process by reducing the time it takes to hire.  We do all the work of providing proper cognitive testing, recommending best fit applicants for interview in order to improve the quality of your interviewees, reduce employee turnover and decrease training costs.

Applicant Fills Out Psychometric Assessment

Applicants enter all of their contact information via the quick step, easy-to-use Total Hire app. Once they have entered their contact information the applicant then completes our five minute psychometric test, which enters them into the Total Hire processing system.

Total Hire Tracking and Processing of Applicants

The Total Hire system tracks and processes potential applicants using our scientific psychometric algorithm, which establishes a connection between the applicants answers to their assessment with the pre-established hiring benchmarks.

True Job Fit Results

Employers have a password protected administrative backend to view instant results from employee application psychometric tests. You can view applicants compared to your established benchmarks, outlining their potential for success with your organization.