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Remove the Guesswork: Hire the Elite

Total Hire is a complete solution from A-Z providing employers with a unique pre-screen snapshot of their prospective employees. Included in the Total Hire system is the one of a kind AI technology that maps out and suggests prospective interview questions based on the applicants score. This helps in organizational hiring being more consistent and filling in gaps and standardizing how an organization goes through an interview process.

The uniqueness of the Total Hire AI does not stop there. We are able to give a snapshot of the prospective applicants personality mapped against the relevant benchmark scores. This helps give a broad overview of strengths and weaknesses of the individual before any decisions are made.


Why Companies Use the Total Hire Applicant Tracking System

Applicant tracking systems have evolved to become the most intelligent piece of software you use in your organization. The Total Hire ATS platform is not only developed to screen for quality applicants, but it pro-actively recruits the best possible candidates for the available positions within your company.

Cost Savings
Our Tracking System provides you with the resources you need to help you focus less of your time on recruiting and more time on your business. Turnover is at an all-time high, costing organizations revenue off of the bottom line. With our ATS platform, you attract the proper labor force, screen effectively, and hire the right employees.

Efficient Screening and Filtering
The Total Hire ATS platform filters through your resume surplus, scanning and separating applicants using our intelligent grading system, which identifies the best possible candidates for your available positions, saving you time and guesswork.

Resource Database Development
Every organization is looking to increase productivity. With the Total Hire applicant Tracking System you will build a database of quality applicants for when you are looking to fill a current position, so you don't have to waste time recruiting new applicants.